National Key Laboratory

During "Eleventh Five-Year" period,LINCOME Electronics got supports of the National key projects and invest in the expansion of the R&D laboratory of high-performance signal processor and the R&D laboratory of intelligent data acquisition of high-speed signals and storage technology.

It invested more than¥20 million in laboratory, the new laboratory has area of 2000m ².The laboratory has a group of senior technical experts, more than 40 researchers, including 7 researchers and 20 senior engineers. Lab has a strong independent search and development capabilities, and can convert the research results into productivity quickly.

Research and Development Laboratory of High-performance Signal Processor

This laboratory enhances the company's basic R&D conditions in the signal processing system architecture, system simulation, collaborative R&D of hardware and software, modules and systems development, debugging and testing environment, and improves the R&D capabilities of core technologies, laying the base for developing a high-performance signal processor and its technical support.

Research Environment

The laboratory improves the company's R&D conditions about the high-performance signal processing computer in fundamental research environment, testing environment, and engineering application environment, optimizes the allocation of resources about R&D capabilities and meets the lifecycle research needs with the high-performance signal processor as the leading product. It ensures that the company keeps pace with foreign advanced level in the field of high-performance signal processing.

Research laboratory of intelligent high-speed signal acquisition and storage technology

The lab solved multiple technical issues and achieved numerous critical techniques related to intelligent acquisition, analysis and testing of high-speed signal dynamic characteristics, high-precision and low-noise clock generation, signal preprocessing and real-time storage, etc. With the laboratory hardware and software development environment, we get following achievements such as research and verification of high-speed signal acquisition and storage prototype, design and simulation of analog circuits and high-frequency digital circuits of high-speed signal acquisition and storage, integrity analysis on signal and power; debugging and testing of high-speed signal acquisition and storage devices in module level, board level and subsystem level. So, it owns, for different application requirements during a short opening time, excellent capabilities of completing high-speed signal acquisition and storage of design, simulation, debugging and performance testing.

● Reaching or approaching international advanced level in sampling rate and sampling precision
● Reaching the international advanced level in the real-time and reliable storage bandwidth of data acquisition
● Realizing automatic adjustment of primary indexes such as sampling rate, sampling accuracy, filter bandwidth and input signal gain with achievements of intelligent acquisition and storage in a variety of applications.