OpenVPX signal processing platform


The universal signal processing platform based on OpenVPX bus has perfect features of real-time high-performance digital signal processing, high-speed data transmission bandwidth, extendible computing scale and reconfigurable computing tasks.


3Typical System Architecture

Figure1 typical system architecture

4Hardware Board

The core of the board is DSP module and SRIO module.Meanwhile, selecting master control and preprocessing module according to demands is needed.

4.1 DPS module

Figure2 DPS signal processing module

a) 6U OpenVPX module with the type: MOD6-PAY-4F1Q2U2T-12.2.1-2;
b) 4 TMS320C6678 processors, 1GHz-1.25GHz; peak speed by floating-point operating up to 640GFLOP, peak speed by fixed-point operating up to 1280GMAC;
c) 1GB DDR3 SDRAM,16MB Nor Flash,128KB EEPROM per processor.

4.2 switching module

Figure 3 SRIO module

6U OpenVPX module, with the type: MOD6-SWH-16U20F-12.4.2-9.

5Software Platform

Figure 4 Teng Fei Debugging environment

a) DSP program loading;
b) DSP variable debugging;
c) DSP topology management;
d) FLASH burning;
e) Visualized parallel program performance analysis;
f) system track analysis;
g) DSP function library.